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Calidad, Seguridad y Confianza

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C•CURE 9000 Security + Event Management

Software de Gestion de seguridad CCure9000 de Software House

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  • Powerful security and event management system that provides IT standard tools and innovative distributed architecture
  • Cross cluster anti-passback controls and manages personnel access
  • Control areas and manage emergencies with area muster and de-muster
  • Area lockout prevents cross-area contamination
  • Run C•CURE 9000 server as a 64-bit application
  • Assign application layouts to specific events
  • Control security objects directly from the monitoring station or from graphical CAD-based maps
  • Access and leverage LDAP-compliant data sources such as Microsoft® Active Directory®
  • Dynamically change views, reorder columns, and modify and filter data from a single screen
  • Easily drag and drop cameras directly to the interface
  • Share a single database while retaining security and privacy of your own information with partitioning
  • Significantly enhance security with intrusion zones and keypad commands
  • Create a virtual hub of integrated applications with the industrys most powerful Software Development Kit
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