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Avisador Manual Direccionable Simplex Español

True Alarm, compatible con IDNET y MAPNet, Sello UL FM

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Individually addressable manual fire alarm
stations with:
•   Power and data supplied via IDNet or MAPNET II
addressable communications using a single wire
•   Operation that complies with ADA requirements
•   Pull lever that protrudes when alarmed
•   Break-rod supplied (use is optional)
•   Models are available with single or double action
(breakglass or push) operation
•   UL listed to Standard 38
Compatible with the following Simplex ®  control
•   Model Series 4008, 4010, 4100U, 4020, 4100, and
4120 fire alarm control panels equipped with either
IDNet or MAPNET II communications
•   Model Series 2120 Communicating Device
Transponders (CDTs) equipped with MAPNET II
Compact construction:
•   Electronics module enclosure minimizes dust
•   Allows mounting in standard electrical boxes
•   Screw terminals for wiring connections
Tamper resistant reset key lock (keyed same as
Simplex fire alarm cabinets)
Multiple mounting options:
•   Surface or semi-flush with standard boxes or
matching Simplex boxes
•   Flush mount adapter kit
•   Adapters are available for retrofitting to commonly
available existing boxes

The Simplex model 4099-9001 addressable station
combines the familiar Simplex manual station housing
with a compact communication module that is easily
installed to satisfy demanding applications. Its integral
individual addressable module (IAM) constantly monitors
status and communicates changes to the connected control
panel via IDNet or MAPNET II communications wiring. 

Compatible con centrales 4100U, 4010, 4008


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